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At this moment in time, never has the world longed so much for connection.


Over the course of several weeks, a group of storytelling magicians will deliver on magical dreams that audiences never knew they had. Follow the journey of 7 magicians as they weave their stories and change lives of audiences around the world. In the end, one thing will be clear – the fourth wall has never been broken like this before – and magical connections are the most important things of all!

We will change the way people think about magic forever through a combination of traditional and live streamed experiences – where magicians at times, impossibly leave the sets they perform in – to literally step into viewer’s homes.

Filmed and streamed live, those lucky enough to be chosen will retrieve impossibly placed items in their own homes to help continue the story. Over the course of several weeks, Rabbit holes of meaning will be revealed – and a tapestry of hope will tie the world together.

Once the ultimate connection is made, The magician reenters their magical, roaming magic parlour and the connective story continues.

This magical breaking of the 4th wall has never been done before.

Premier Run

The Subrosa Series, an interactive, magical show that will engage the audience in ways never seen before.

Our six-week show will run four times per year, with our first show premiering 2022. Our shows will stream to the entire US; we will add Canada and the UK, and beyond.

The potential audience for your products or services will be captivated like never before.


Show Premiere

The Subrosa Zeitgeist

At the beginning of the 6 week Subrosa Series campaign, this idea of being singled out this personal connection will be a surprise that’s talked about.

Over time, the hope to be the chosen ones will grow.

At the culmination of the Subrosa Series campaign, Toto Productions will create a magical, mesh network of connected people and brand loyal consumers that will be talked about for years to come.

Audience Participation

Every show will launch a pre-event for an added level of intrigue through social media influencers.

The Subrosa Series will have unique elements of audience participation.

At deliberate moments within the performance – as the Magicians appear and break from the performance – active audience member’s names will be announced to learn the Magician has magically arrived at their door for a completely immersive experience while simultaneously streaming this unique event to the entire audience world

The Surprise

Once the Magician has connected to the audience member, the Magician will re-enter their Mobile Stage, but not before leaving the audience participant something very special behind–a gift, an extraordinary and meaningful artifact of importance that has finally found it’s way home.

There is a reason and place for everything…

Subrosa – a magical, story-driven experience
that connects the world

The Subrosa Goals

25 million+

Unique worldwide
user impressions

Toto Productions

Engages brand’s audiences in meaningful, lasting and impact ways

More Exposure

Immersive, brand interaction to create brand loyalty and growth

Toto Sponsorship

Toto Sponsorships will have multiple options to choose from, in addition to premiere show
sponsorship, sponsors will have options for pre-launch branding, product packaging, branded cash
prize give-aways throughout the show – including Grand Finale cash prize – and more.

We invite you to apply for sponsorship and schedule a
Zoom Meeting with our talented creators.